Sanctuary Care

Occasionally we do have Afghan Hounds surrendered that require palliative care and are not candidates for adoption.  Willow helps sanctuary care dogs to achieve the best possible quality of life right up until the end of life by placing them in a caring foster home and meeting their medical needs.  Willow relies heavily on donations to help with Sanctuary care costs.  To learn more about dog(s) in our sanctuary care program click here.  To donate to our sanctuary care program please go to the DONATE page.

Willow Afghan Hound Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer run, foster based rescue helping homeless, neglected and abused Afghan Hounds find caring, responsible homes. Willow also offers support to families no longer able to care for their beloved hounds. All of our dogs are provided with veterinary care, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They are then adopted into suitable loving homes, giving them a second chance at a better life.

We believe that every dog deserves to be treated as a cherished member of the family. Dogs are pack animals and suffer greatly by being chained, penned or otherwise excluded from their family, even for short periods of time. Being included inside the home is essential for a dog’s emotional and physical health. It is just as cruel to starve a dog of their emotional needs as it is to starve them of food and water. Our adoptive homes must meet our very high standards of compassion and commitment to their new family member.

Willow AHR depends on the generous support of caring  people to continue our mission of rescuing and re-homing hounds in need. As we have no paid staff and no overhead costs, every penny donated to us goes directly to the health and welfare of our dogs.